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Our intention with WHILE WE BLEED is to convey a picture of the bloody struggle of the Ukrainians both on the front lines and in the hinterland, which will show both a Danish and an international audience what is happening in the biggest war in Europe since 1945.


However, we are dependent on external support to be able to finalise the project. We are therefore sincerely grateful if you would consider the possibility of a financial contribution.


We have traveled in the country during the ongoing war and are horrified by the violence, the bloodshed and the massive destruction, especially in eastern Ukraine, where city after city has been completely or partially destroyed.

Our questions are these

What motivates the Ukrainians to continue fighting? What kind of sacrifices are they making? And how does the war affect ordinary Ukrainians?

Through photographs and reportage, we will draw a picture of a country at war, a country where death reaps its harvest daily, a country where the fear of a coming nuclear war is real and where a generation of children and young people are equipped with iodine tablets and receive education in cellars and bunkers.


Our ambition is to make a book about the harsh and bloody reality of the war, which has not been published in Denmark before and which also be published for an international audience with English text.


A book about the war in Ukraine told through photographs and words. The book is based on a tour at the frontlines and in the hardest-hit provinces in eastern Ukraine (Zaporizjzja, Donbass and Kharkiv).


To depict the consequences of the war for the civilian population and for the soldiers who fight against the Russian invasion army. The ongoing war is extremely brutal and has enormous human and material costs.

We want to show a corner of Europe which in these months (and maybe years) is the scene of the bloodiest and biggest military battles on our continent since 1945

About the book

The book will be published in both Danish and English and will be communicated through photographs and text. We will neither embellish nor retouch the reality of the war, but strive to show as complete and nuanced a picture as possible.


It is a book that emphasizes portraying concrete human destinies and places – cities, buildings, landscapes – that are marked by the ongoing war.


It is our ambition to make a weighty book in both size and content – ​​5 kg and a small 500 pages. Its format will be reminiscent of Jan Grarup's book And then there was silence, which has been published in 14,000 copies in 72 countries. At the same time, the price of the book must not exceed DKK 500 / EUR 70. The book must be widely available and therefore any support is of crucial importance.

We are working to get the book printed in Ukraine in order to support local businesses in a very difficult time for them.

Expected release

End of 2023


Any amount is gratefully received and is essential to continue the journalistic documentation of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and ensure the creation of this book.


For companies:

A donation of DKK 50,000 / EUR 7000 ensures the company's logo and thanks in the book

A donation of DKK 100,000 / EUR 13.500 ensures a logo, thanks in the book and a lecture with Jan Grarup

A donation of DKK 150,000 / EUR 20.000 ensures a logo, thank you in the book as well as a lecture with Jan Grarup and a limited and signed photo artwork.

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Photographer and writer

Jan Grarup (b. 1968). Jan has several times won both Danish and international photo awards, e.g. Press Photographer of the Year and World Press Photo of the Year. He has also published a number of books, including Where the Iron Crosses Grow – Memoirs of a War Photographer (2018), And Then There Was Silence (2017) and Shadowland (2006). Jan has continuously covered the war in Ukraine for both Politiken and various foreign media in Italy, Germany, Sweden and Norway. He has spent more than three months in the war-torn regions of Ukraine.

Author, journalist and Ph.D. in history

Adam Holm (b. 1969). Adam is a host on P1 and DR2 and a regular commentator in Berlingske. He hosted 'Deadline' for many years (2005-2016) and he has made two documentaries from the wars in Libya and Syria. He has also written the books: Endestation Europa (2017), A city at war (2018) and The Dictator in Damascus (2020). Adam has been to Ukraine twice since 24 February 2022 and has written about the war for Weekendavisen.